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Our Ride Calendar

To ride with us you will need to have an AusCycling membership. Find out more here.
Please note: working front and rear lights on bikes are mandatory from 1 April to 30 September

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Our Tuesday morning ride is at social pace with some efforts, a duration of around one hour. We explore the streets around Kew and Ivanhoe, riding along the Ivanhoe Boulevard for part of the ride. There are some places where faster cyclists do more efforts but the group will generally ride at the pace of the slowest rider. Post-ride coffee

Wednesday Workout

Our Wednesday morning ride is ideal for faster/intermediate members who want a solid one hour workout. Yarra Boulevard in Kew, for one warm up lap of the Boulevard followed by a faster lap. The group often breaks up for the second lap and regroups at the end. Coffee afterwards.


Thursday Women's ride

This ride is a mix of rolling along Yarra Boulevard in Kew at a pace that keeps the group together, with some side efforts to build strength. This ride is slower than the Wednesday ride and faster than the Tuesday ride. This ride is promoted as our women’s ride but beginner men are most welcome. Coffee afterwards

Saturday Bunch Ride

This is Birrarung Cycling Club’s regular Saturday morning bunch ride, heading out to Eltham, Mount Pleasant (and sometimes beyond).
We generally have at least two groups: a faster group going around 25km/hr and a medium pace group going around 23km/hr (with an option for a slower third group when opportunities arise). Once a month we also run a 'Come and try It' Saturday ride for people who want to try the longer rides, or for those rebuilding after a break. Coffee/brunch afterwards.

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