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About BCC

Birrarung Cycling Club (BCC) is based around the Yarra river region in Clifton Hill. We offer cycling opportunities for everyone on road, gravel and mountain bikes from social riding to racing. We’re Melbourne’s newest cycling club, with around 100 members – and probably the only cycling club with a strong majority female membership.

The range of abilities is wide:  if you’re reasonably confident riding your drop-bar road bike, probably with clip-in pedals, you’re welcome to join us.  Fitness level is not an issue – if you can ride 20km, there’s a ride for you. At the other end of the spectrum, if you’re an A-grade male rider, then we’re not the club that’s going to challenge and stretch you or help you develop to your full potential.

The club has many qualified ride leaders and we aim to have at least one ride leader on each club ride. The Ride Leaders tab on Team App will show you who our ride leaders are. If you are new to the club, please introduce yourself to the Ride Leader before the ride and they will ensure you are welcomed and orientated to the ride you are joining.

To make our club rides safe please listen to the ride leader and read the Code of Conduct to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride.

About BCC: About Us

Club vision

A cycling community looking for more skills and hills.

  • We welcome people from all backgrounds and experience who want to share our love of cycling.

  • We are proud to have more female than male members and are committed to supporting the development of all, from novice onwards.

  • We train together, we get better together, and we have fun together.

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